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"To fight poverty through the empowerment of future generations."

Mission Statement

About us.

Greater Pursuit is a registered non-profit organization working with local leaders to improve the lives of those in need. Our operations are geared toward lifting communities out of poverty through the improvement of social infrastructure, which predominantly affects smaller communities. Our primary goal is to ensure future generations have the resources to pursue greater ventures by providing a foundation and blueprint for success.

How we do it.

Our multifaceted approach identifies problems all across the board - from concreting roads leading to more resourceful areas, to the construction of key facilities such as schools, utilities, and community centers that empower and pave the way for future generations. Through the mobilization of contractors, construction workers, engineers, education specialists, and our members, we strive to effectively deliver peace of mind to these areas and introduce sustainable, modern, and innovative solutions where it’s needed most.

Meet The Team

Benjamin Pham

Founder & President


Samantha Mendiguren

Vice President


Derek Nguyen



Annie Bui

Director of Marketing & Communications

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Dylan Blaauw

Director of Research

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