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A Message From Our Founder

“Greater Pursuit began with a simple goal of helping improve the lives of those living under impoverished conditions. However, the social problems facing the world today are endless and we realized that without a clear focus, our efforts would be diluted. In order to maximize the team’s potential, we turned our attention to specific social barriers that we’ve identified as having repeatedly limited human potential and development in these regions.


Our work begins from the ground up: we aim to provide children living in underserved regions with a blueprint for success. By identifying drawbacks in their communities’ infrastructure such as education, public facilities, and transportation, we can effectively reinforce their foundations through financial support and boots-on-the-ground volunteerism. Many of us have felt the uncertainty of tomorrow as a result of the recent pandemic, but for decades, poverty-stricken communities around the globe have felt these uncertainties every day. The pandemic has further exacerbated the cycle of poor infrastructure, hindering development and mobility for local residents. Thus, our mission became clear: to fight poverty through the empowerment of future generations.


Following our team’s experiences abroad, we’ve recognized the importance of partnerships where we conduct our operations. There is a distinct gap in connectivity between volunteers looking to contribute their support and local leaders and experts who have familiarity with the region. These community leaders help paint a clear picture of the area’s history along with how past events have directly led to the perpetuation of poverty. Our mission focuses on bridging the disconnect between these experts and supporters like you. Through the mobilization of our friends, researchers, engineers, education specialists, and our members, we strive to deliver on the promise of progress & innovation.


There are many things I am thankful for this holiday season. The opportunity to work with a group of driven and capable individuals--all drawn toward the humanitarian mission of Greater Pursuit-- has truly been a blessing. What started as an idea has transformed into an organization driven to empower the next generation of leaders. We hope you share in our mission and we welcome you to join us as a partner, donor, or volunteer. On behalf of my team, thank you for your support and I wish good health to you and your families.”

Benjamin Pham

Founder & President

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